Let’s Discover Fusion 360!


This is a good place to be if you have intermediate to advanced skills in Fusion 360. I will be describing some features in Fusion 360 that I find most interesting to my work.

If you are just beginning with Fusion 360 here is a great place to start. Christensen’s Fusion 360 Tutorial for Absolute Beginners— Part 1

Configurations in Fusion 360

As of May 2021, Fusion 360 does not have configurations. I would describe configurations as multiple designs branching from one source design. The official Fusion 360 configurations workflow is to use the “Save As” command which works but it parametrically cuts the branch from the tree.

Please note: The importance of configurations is totally up to your design intent and you might not need configurations to achieve your design intent. My work involves assemblies of 5-20 designs and each of the designs are variants of each other. So it would be great if one could insert multiple source designs into the assembly design file each as a configured design.

Workarounds for Configurations

“Insert Derive” command shows the most hope as a workaround for configurations. The derived design file’s parameters persist even in the copy of a “Save As”. The only short coming of this workflow is that you can not change parameters of the derived file while working in the assemble design file. The insert derive is a one way copy.

Hey You! This is defiantly a dialogue here…If I got anything wrong or you would like add a comment please do so below.

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